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Abstract painting is a type of painting that is difficult to speculate on the symbolic meaning of the painting, because the true meaning of the picture will often lie in the parts of the image that are hidden or omitted, not in the part of the image being painted in paintings. So, what does the essence of abstract painting mean? Let’s explore this issue through the article shared below.

What does abstract painting mean?
Each abstract picture does not directly express the meaning of expression through the image portrayed in the picture and the pictures in the picture often have little or no similarity, thus attracting attention. , stimulate the imagination of many people.

So, what does abstract painting mean? Essentially abstract paintings are very picky people, because not many people can fully understand the meaning that it brings. Many people who look at abstract paintings can feel it is a beautiful picture but cannot grasp or explain the meaning, implying deep art hidden in the picture.

If you want to understand the implications of the picture, you cannot apply the usual interpretation of the meaning of the picture you need to let the soul be comfortable, not too serious to find out its true meaning. but understand it in the simplest way. Just like your soul at that time was just like a blank sheet of paper and since you saw the picture, you just started drawing the first lines on the paper. That is the true meaning meaning that the painting gives you through the seemingly tasteless doodle but brings a colorful picture to the viewers.

Things to know when choosing abstract wall paintings
– Choose an abstract picture that hangs on the wall according to your preferences and tastes, not a template criterion.

– Choose a picture of a size that fits the size of the empty wall corner and the room space you intend to place the painting.

– Should choose paintings with a moderate number, small rooms choose a medium-sized painting, large rooms can hang 2 large paintings.

– Hanging pictures at the eye level, not hanging too high or hanging too low.

– Beautiful abstract paintings may be suitable to decorate in many different room spaces in your house such as living room, office, bedroom, …

– Do not hang pictures in places where sunlight or strong light shines because they may affect the aesthetics and use time of the painting.

– Do not put pictures in bad positions like toilet doors, bathrooms, ..

– Should be regularly cleaned so that the picture is always clean and shiny like new.