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Discover premium designer jewelry made from gold, silver, diamonds & precious stones. Let you rise and give love.

Each mother have a personality so their hobbies are different. Your gift for mom must express your feelings and understand your mother hobbies so mom feels more respectful than what you are.

Think about what your mother like but don’t have for work, because the time is so busy, because mother have to take care of everyone in the family so she still don’t have the opportunity for yourself. Think about gift for mom in your life and see the following suggestions: 1. Create a photo book […]

Feng shui gems are suitable for making stone jewelry and gifts for relatives, friends, and superiors

AMETHYST The stone jewelry is ancient Greeks called the Amethyst amethyst means not drunk. This is one of the variants of quartz is said to help relieve the stress make mental focus and mental balance. Today purple quartz stone not only makes jewelry, but also is popular in yoga rooms, because they help the practitioner […]

What Does Silver Jewelry Mean? How to preservation?

1.Giving meaningful silver jewelry Silver jewelry is a very meaning, bring cohesion to you and the recipient. If rose is angel of love, silver jewelry will embody for the eternal love. Silver jewelry is very meaningful, impressive. But but equally luxurious express to show the love, faithful and sharing. Silver jewelry included: silver rings, silver […]